Screening and talk on Myanmar Film 1.4 Kilograms to the Beyond

December 15, 2022

On Wednesday, December 14, 2022, there was a TUFS Cinema screening of the Myanmar film 1.4 Kilograms to the Beyond at the Agora Global Prometheus Hall.

The film is set in a village in Myanmar near the border with Thailand. The film depicts the simple daily life of a family, and describes the precepts and views of merit and virtue in Theravada Buddhism in Myanmar, while also showing how those who have wandered in this world without being reborn in the next world become Buddhas.

After the screening of the film, Mr. Yu Mitsui, screenwriter and representative of the Myanmar Film Festival Executive Committee, gave a talk session. Mr. Mitsui spoke about how Myanmar films are selected, recent changes in the Myanmar film industry, and the training of young filmmakers. Since the first Myanmar Film Festival was held in Japan in 2007, Mr. Mitsui has seen many films on Myanmar, and he was so impressed with this film that he subtitled it in Japanese and made an effort to screen it in Japan.

During the Q&A session moderated by TUFS professor Keiko Tosa, members of the audience asked questions and exchanged opinions with the speaker.