TUFS Cinema Screening of a Mongolian-German Coproduced Movie

December 6, 2022

On Monday, December 5, 2022, a screening of the TUFS Cinema Mongolian-German production "Veins of the World" was held at the Agora Global Prometheus Hall. In Mongolia, the destruction of the natural environment due to gold mining has become an issue, and this film is a drama about the nomads who oppose the mining companies. The film combines the global issue of mineral resource development with Mongolia's local culture. Produced in 2020 by a Mongolian female director, Byambasuren Davaa, the film won the German Film Prize and the Special Jury Prize for Young Filmmakers at the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival, and was also selected for the Generation section of the Berlin International Film Festival.

After the screening, Mr. Akira Kamimura, a researcher at the TUFS Institute of Global Studies, gave a lecture on changes in life and employment in Mongolian society, environmental issues, the culture of bribery and mining development that has taken root in Mongolian society in recent years, and the history of Mongolian cinema and the director's works, using photographs and graphs. The event provided an opportunity for members of the audience to deepen their understanding of Mongolian society and to think about global environmental issues together.