Results of TUFS and National University of Thailand (SWU) Tandem Learning Program Published as an e-Book

November 29, 2022

This is the second publication of the tandem learning program for Thai language major students at TUFS and students from the Japanese program, Faculty of Humanities, Srinakharinwirot University (SWU) carried out in the fall semester of the 2021 academic year. Titled, This is Cool! Introducing Thailand and Japan, this e-book introduces “cool” things to do and experience in Japan and Thailand. It covers a wide range of themes, from traditional to everyday and the unexpecte.

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Comment from Professor Sunisa Wittayapanyanon, specially-appointed professor in charge of the tandem program:

The TUFS Thai majors who participated in this program were students who had enrolled in April 2020, when an unknown virus began to spread around the world. From the time of their enrollment, all of their classes were online, and they were forced to spend their days without ever seeing each other. Even as the prospect of traveling to a foreign country seemed less and less likely, the students’ desire to go to Thailand and make Thai friends only grew stronger. The same thoughts were shared by the SWU Japanese major students in Thailand, and after consulting with SWU Professor Pat-on, we decided to plan an online tandem study program because of this situation. This time, since the program was conducted completely online from the beginning, there was some anxiety. The students were nervous at first, but my fears were completely unfounded when I saw how the Japanese and Thai students were eager to learn each about other's language, culture, and people, and how they were eager to teach each other to achieve the ultimate goal of making an e-book out of the program. Many of the students have continued to communicate with each other even after the program ended, and I am happy to say that the world has become a better place, and the TUFS students who will study abroad in Thailand in the fall of 2022 will finally meet their Thai study partners.