Ukrainian Language Course starts for TUFS Language and Culture Supporters

June 29, 2022

The Center for Intercultural Studies at TUFS has established a system to register TUFS graduates, current graduate students, and TUFS staff members with a certain level of language ability as “Language and Culture Supporters” to act as volunteer interpreters for public institutions sponsoring international events and providing support for foreign residents.

The “Ukrainian Language for Life Support” course for TUFS Language and Culture Supporters will be held online every Saturday from July 2 (Sat) to 30 (Sat), 2022, for a total of five sessions, with Ms. Romanova Valentina, a Ukrainian national, as a lecturer. The aim of the course is to provide practical content for Ukrainian interpreters in the field of livelihood support, and to develop human resources who can work immediately in this field.

The course will cover the following topics.

  1. Administrative services: Procedures at Japanese national institutions, visas, resident registration, tax payment, foreign currency exchange
  2. Daily life: Garbage sorting, use of public transportation, expressions to ask for help from the police
  3. Education: Japanese language classes, kindergarten, school, university, volunteer clubs
  4. Medical care: obtaining a health insurance card, first medical examination and hospital visit (types of hospitals in Japan, names of doctors, hospital behavior)
  5. Safety during normal times, disasters and emergencies: types of disasters, basic rules for disaster prevention and mutual assistance