Emergency Ukrainian language course started for municipalities and corporations in charge of accepting evacuees

April 25, 2022

On Friday, April 22, 2022, an emergency Ukrainian language course was started for municipalities and corporations receiving displaced persons from Ukraine. The purpose of this course is to provide Ukrainian language courses free of charge to the persons in charge of receiving displaced persons from Ukraine and to help them communicate smoothly with the displaced persons from Ukraine. In response to the recent situation in Ukraine and the emergence of municipalities throughout Japan that are accepting Ukrainian displaced persons, TUFS decided to offer this course in the hope that TUFS’s resources for Ukrainian language education can be utilized.

The course will be conducted in an online interactive format, two days a week for a total of six sessions for those in charge of receiving Ukrainian evacuees at municipalities and corporations in Japan. The lecturer is Professor Emeritus Hidehiko Nakazawa of TUFS. Using materials prepared by the lecturer, participants will learn Ukrainian greetings, basic conversation, and vocabulary useful for receiving refugees.

96 people from 23 prefectures (41 municipalities and 22 corporations) registered for the course. On the first day of the course, April 22nd, 72 participants learned about Ukrainian pronunciation, alphabet, greetings, and Ukrainian culture.