Global Japan Desk to Be Established at VNU University of Language and International Studies (Vietnam)

January 26, 2022

On January 19, 2022, a signing ceremony regarding the establishment of a Global Japan Desk (GJD) was held online with the VNU University of Language and International Studies (VNU-ULIS).

VNU-ULIS president Mr. ĐỖ Tuấn Minh and TUFS president Ms. HAYASHI Kayoko participated in the ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Vice President MATSUKUMA Jun, while Specially Appointed Professor IMAI Akio, Professor FUJIMURA Tomoko and Associate Professor NOHIRA Munehiro observed.

TUFS and VNU-ULIS signed a partnership agreement in 2015, but have been involved with one another since the 1990s. TUFS’ involvement has been especially strong in terms of Japanese language teaching. When a program that aimed to prepare future Japanese teachers was established at VNU-ULIS in 2005, an instructor from TUFS was sent to help with setting up the course. Furthermore, VNU-ULIS has welcomed Japanese language teaching trainees from TUFS.

The establishment of a GJD is expected to promote further cooperation between the two institutions.

About the Global Japan Desk:
Global Japan Desks are established in prominent overseas partner universities. GJDs aim to be a center of research on Japan and Japanese language education.