Portuguese Play Performed in Gunma Prefecture’s Oizumi City

January 5, 2022

On December 12, 2021, second-year students from the School of Language and Culture Studies and the School of International and Area Studies majoring in Portuguese performed a play in the city of Oizumi, located in Gunma Prefecture. The students performed the same play they staged in this year’s Gaigosai—Martins Pena’s Quem Casa Quer Casa. This was made possible thanks to the help of the Oizumi municipal government.

Oizumi is home to a large Brazilian population. The play attracted an audience of over 130 people, most of them native speakers of Portuguese. The students were able to outdo their previous performance at Gaigosai, as they were motivated by the laughter of children who reacted every time a sentence was delivered in Portuguese. The students later commented that they were happy to have participated and that the children’s reactions also delighted them. After the performance, there was time for the students to interact with local children.