OECD Tokyo Centre Visits TUFS

November 11, 2021

On Thursday November 4, 2021, Ms. KAWAGUCHI Naoko, Head of the Tokyo Centre of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), visited TUFS and delivered a lecture to the "International Law 2" class. The lecture proved very interesting for the 20 or so students who attended either in person or online. The students continued asking Ms. Kawaguchi questions even after the lecture had ended, making the most of a valuable opportunity.

Prior to the lecture, Ms. Kawaguchi paid a courtesy call on Executive Director/Vice President TAKEDA Chika (Student Affairs and External Relations) and Vice President MATSUKUMA Jun (in charge of International Affairs).

Headquartered in Paris, France, the OECD is dedicated to addressing the economic, social, and governance challenges of globalization. The Tokyo Centre was established to promote understanding of this activity in the Asia-Pacific region. In 2010, TUFS signed a Memorandum of Understanding regarding internships with the OECD, and our students have participated in internships at OECD Paris headquarters and Tokyo Centre.

At the above meeting, the participants promised to further strengthen internships so that students will be able to play active roles in the international community in the future.