The Arab Situation Taught in Arabic—Joint Educational Program Launched Alongside Syria

October 12, 2021

A joint educational program offered in cooperation with the Arabic Teaching Institute for Non Arabic Speakers (ATIF), Ministry of Education, Syrian Arab Republic, begins on Wednesday, October 16, 2021.

This course is being conducted as part of the TUFS global liberal arts program. The class will be taught in the fifth period every Wednesday during the fall quarter. The goal of the course is to study the society, culture, politics, and economy of the Arab world through the medium of Arabic to develop practical ability in the language and extend students’ knowledge of Arabs and the Arab world.

ATIF lecturers will prepare materials related to society, culture, politics, and economy in the Arab world and provide detailed explanation of their content.

Professor AOYAMA Hiroyuki, who will be in charge of the course on TUFS side, commented:

“Students who take the course are expected to not only acquire practical abilities in Arabic, but also expand their knowledge of the Arab world in terms of society, culture, and politics. This is thanks to the cooperation of ATIF, which has been conducting courses that aim to develop specialists and diplomats, and planned this course to fit the needs of students who wish to study abroad.”