Introducing TUFS to the second grade students at Shiraitodai Elementary School

July 15, 2021

On July 1, 2021, two members of TUFS’ public relation student group visited Fuchu’s Shiraitodai Elementary School to introduce TUFS to as part of the elementary school’s “Machi Tanken” (exploring your city) learning program for its second graders.

Honda Ema (School of International and Area Studies, Latin American region, third year student) and Yamaguchi Sawa (School of Language and Culture Studies, Polish Language, second year student) answered questions from the second graders through a remote video system.

The second graders asked about the number of students studying at TUFS, the various subjects TUFS offer, and TUFS’ facilities and student life in general. Ms. Honda and Ms. Yamaguchi answered the questions based on their own experiences. Shiraitodai Elementary School is located near TUFS and many of the second graders raised their hands when they were asked if any of them had been to TUFS’’ Gaigosai festival.

After the class was over, the two TUFS students talked with the second grade homeroom teacher who thanked them for giving the second graders an opportunity for local interaction even amidst the Covid pandemic.