TUFS and theTUFS alumni association Tokyo Gaigokai sign memorandum to help students having difficulties meeting basic needs due to the Covid-19 pandemic

July 2, 2021

A memorandum to provide aid to students experiencing difficulties due to the ongoing pandemic was signed on May 31 between KANBARA Masanao (Tokyo Gaigokai Chairman) and HAYASHI Kayoko (TUFS University President).

This memorandum has made it possible to distribute food tickets (equivalent to 5,500 yen) that can be used from the end of June to the end of February next year to around 200 students.

TUFS will continue to work hand in hand with Tokyo Gaigokai to help students during this pandemic.

Left: TUFS President; Right: Tokyo Gaigokai Chairman KANBARA
Left to right: MAMADA Tetsuo, TAKEDA Chika, TUFS President HAYASHI, Tokyo Gaigokai Chairman KANBARA, SHIMIZU Yoshio, INUKAI Keigo