An online interactive class held by TUFS and the Shanghai International Studies University

July 2, 2021

On Thursday, May 20, 2021, an online interactive class was held between TUFS and the Shanghai International Studies University (SISU). The class was a collaboration between TUFS’s Liberal Arts class on “Aspects of Teaching Japanese to Speakers of Other Languages 1”’ taught by TANIGUCHI Ryuko (Associate Professor, /Institute of Japan Studies) and SISU’s “‘Japanese Commission Speeches and Public Statements Ⅱ,”’ taught by TAKADA Mayu (Japanese Language Teacher,/ School of Japan Studies, SISU / GJO Coordinator). There were 49 students from TUFS and 20 students from SISU. The students were divided into 10 groups and discussed the differences in student life between TUFS and SISU and the reasons for those differences. The discussions covering such topics as types of clubs, living environment, diet, and career paths after graduation helped to deepen mutual understanding.

One TUFS student commented, “I had never had this kind of online interaction with foreign students, so it was very fresh and fun. I was surprised to see students from SISU speaking Japanese fluently. This has inspired me to put more effort into studying my major language." "It was interesting to get a glimpse of student life in Shanghai. I felt anew the importance of actually having a conversation in order to understand different cultures.” Another student from SISU commented, “Through this online exchange, I was able to understand Japanese university life well.I have few opportunities to interact with Japanese people of my age and it was my first time to speak a lot of Japanese, but it was fun. All the students at TUFS were generous and kind." " I was happy to introduce our university event.” This online exchange appears to have motivated students at both universities to study harder.

At SISU, almost all classes at the university have returned to face-to-face classes, but since the entry of foreign students continues to be difficult, opportunities for exchange are decreasing. In this situation, having the opportunity to interact online was a good incentive for students on both sides. We will continue to increase opportunities for online interaction.


上海外国語大学 日本文化経済学院
School of Japan Studies, Shanghai International Studies Universityies

Japanese Language Teacher

Japanese Commission Speeches and Public Statements Ⅱ