TUFS is one of eight universities in the Renewable Energy University League

June 8, 2021

The Renewable Energy University League was established on June 7, 2021, with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions to zero while advocating for the use of renewable energy to reduce the impact university activities have upon the environment.
TUFS President HAYASHI made the following statement during the launching ceremony.

“While TUFS still has a lot to do in terms of using renewable energy, I hope we can learn from universities that have experience in the matter through this network. Further, we hope to deepen our students’ understanding of environmental issues through our classes and seminars”.

Members of the group that worked to create the Renewable Energy University League of Japan

HARASHINA Sachihiko* (President, Chiba University of Commerce), IWAKIRI Shoichiro (President, International Christian University), KISHIDA Koji (President, Wayo Women's University), KOHSO Toshiaki (President, University of the Sacred Heart), HAYASHI Kayoko (President, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies), KINDAICHI Masumi (President, The University of Nagano), TERUMICHI Yoshiaki (President, Sophia University) , OCHI Mitsuo (President, Hiroshima University), and TANAKA Yujiro (President, Tokyo Medical and Dental University)