Online conference dedicated to the 25th Anniversary of Permanent Neutrality and 30th Anniversary of Independence of Turkmenistan

May 14, 2021

On Friday April 30, an online conference was held with the International University for the Humanities and Development(IUHD), a TUFS partner institution in celebration of Turkmenistan’s 25th anniversary of permanent neutrality and 30th anniversary of independence.

First, Mr. Esen EIDOGDIYEV, the Rector of IUHD, gave a keynote address, followed by congratulatory remarks by TUFS President HAYASHI Kayoko and Head of International Law Department of IUHD, Vekir VEKIROV.

Vice President MATSUKUMA Jun, Professor SHIMADA Shizuo (Institute of Global Studies) and Professor KIMURA Satoru (Institute of Global Studies) also attended the conference. Students from both universities were also present, and the representative student (Mr. IMAI Keita , School of International and Area Studies, 3rd year) gave a speech.

(In the middle)Mr. Esen AYDOGDYEV, the Rector of IUHD
2nd from left: President HAYASHI
Mr. IMAI, giving a speech