Project on “Multicultural Symbiosis as Stage Production” Begins, Participants Wanted for the First Seminar

April 13, 2021

At TUFS yearly “Gaigosai” school festival, stage productions are produced by second year students in each of the 27 major languages. The plays are a clear example of multicultural symbiosis as music, language, sound, songs, art and dancing come together to deliver one piece of art.

We have started a project called “Multicultural Symbiosis on Stage Production” in the hopes of aiding those students who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the region and language they represent as they portray the happiness and suffering of people living in differing cultural and social environments. The project is divided in the two following sections:
 ①Consecutive Seminar “Multicultural Symbiosis on Stage Production”
 ②Supportive Workshop for the Foreign Language Plays

The seminar consists of 8 open classes that will be held until the school festival is held in the fall. Themes include "Contemporary production" "How to read a script" "Direction" "Subtitles" "Musicals" "Dance" "Classical Japanese theater" and "Contemporary Japanese theater”. Through these, students will gain basic knowledge needed for the making of the play. Japanese stage productions as well as those from other countries will be analyzed in terms of their current estate, history, diversity and issues. We hope to be able to provide participants with an understanding of the diversity and riches of the world’s stage production and aid the student’s activity while helping promoting it.

The first seminar will be held on April 26, 2021 (Mon). The theme will be “Contemporary Direction”. The seminar will be given by Keio University’s Faculty of Letters Professor Hirata Eichiro who is a specialist of German stage productions. The seminar is free and open to the general public. Prior enrollment is needed. Those who wish to attend must enroll by 17:00, April 23 (Fri).

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