Hirosaki University, Utsunomiya University, Nagasaki University, and TUFS establish the "Consortium for Intercultural Education”

March 18, 2021

TUFS, Hirosaki University, Utsunomiya University and Nagasaki University have established the “Consortium for Intercultural Education” in an attempt to nurture individuals who can contribute to the realization of a multicultural society.

By establishing this consortium, we will work together in order to build a nation-wide network on multicultural coexistence. In addition, the four universities will provide joint lectures and will look into the possibility of future university cooperation in the post-corona era.

On March 17, 2021 (Wed), the University Principal of Hirosaki University Mr. Fukuda Shinsaku, the Dean of Utsunomiya University’s School of International Studies Mr. Sasaki Kazutaka, University principal of Nagasaki University Mr. Kawano Shigeru and our university principal Ms. Hayashi Kayoko attended the online signing ceremony.

Agreement Overview

The aim of the consortium is to ensure universities that contribute to multicultural coexistence are able to exchange information. Moreover, we hope to make use of each university’s qualities in the educational field. By doing so, we aim to overcome the the many difficulties faced by a multilingual and multicultural society so as to build a society where people of differing languages, customs and cultures can live in harmony.

Clauses of the Agreement:
(1)To exchange information to enhance multicultural coexistence education.
(2)To support activities and associations related to multicultural coexistence education supported by each of he participating universities.
(3)About the hosting of multicultural coexistence education by the participating universities/associations.
(4)About other activities related to the fulfilling of the goal of the consortium.
(5)Notes on all of the above.