Opening Ceremony was held for TUFS’ Circle Building Club Rooms

March 10, 2021

TUFS’ Extracurricular Activity Facilities’ (Circle Building) club rooms were in poor condition due to the extensive use they had been under for the past 20 years. As a result, we talked with the student representative of the extracurricular activities and agreed on working together to repair the building. Once face-to-face classes resumed for the 2020 Fall Quarter, we got rid of unnecessary things and began cleaning and repairing the building. We received enormous amounts of donations for the repairing of the building from the Student Support Association.

An opening ceremony was held on March 8th which was attended by our university president Ms. Hayashi, the Student Support Association’s vice president Mr. Kasahara, the president of the Physical Education Committee Mr. Obayashi (School of International and Area Studies, second year, Oceania area).

Currently, all extracurricular activities are suspended due to the corona virus. However, we are hope to see students enjoy the new facilities once activities resume. We hope they take good care of the facilities too.

From left : Student Supervisor vice president Ms.Takeda, Student Support Association vice president Mr.Kasahara, University President Ms. Hayashi, Physical Education Committee President Mr. Obayashi, Associate Professor Mr. Morita, Facilities Planning Division Manager Mr. Iwabuchi, Associate Professor Mr. Manabe (The mask was taken off for the picture. Everyone in the picture put it back on right after the picture was taken).