TUFS Provides Campus Food Pantry to Support Students

July 15, 2020

On Friday July 10, 2020, TUFS organized a food pantry at the Fuchu campus for all current students.

This project was put into action after understanding many current TUFS students had participated in a food pantry held in Fuchu city on May 31.

From a questionnaire prior to the implementation of the pantry, it became clear that many students were in difficult living conditions due to COVID-19, evident from answers suggesting that students are having to cut back on meals and dealing with overdue payments. Other disheartening responses were for example: “I don’t know if I will be able to make a living next month”, or “I don’t know if I have enough food expenses to last me until my next paycheck.”

Food was donated from TUFS faculty, the TUFS University Co-op, TUFS Student Support Association, TUFS International Student Support Association, Tokyo Gaigokai, and JA Minds.

In addition, there was much support from Food Bank Fuchu, as they gave guidance on how to run a food pantry, helped with preparation on the day before, and also assisted with operations on the day of the event. Furthermore, the Fuchu Consumer Affairs Center, responsible for the undergraduate Area-related Courses this Spring quarter, provided us with consultation services, information and additional goods.

More than 100 students residing in the TUFS International Residences or nearby came to the pantry and went home with full bags of food and rice.

Student participants had the following to say about their impressions on the food pantry: “I really appreciate all of the food distribution. Despite the situation we are all in, I feel empowered by your kindness”, “Having online classes, it has become difficult to cook three meals a day, and food expenses are increasing. I am concerned by this because most of my classes will be held online in the Fall quarter too”, “I am very grateful, especially considering the number of students who have less part-time jobs due to COVID-19.”