3 Special Lectures on Volunteering held by Volunteer Action Space (VOLAS)

July 3, 2020

Over the course of three days (Wednesday June 10, Friday June 19, Thursday June 25, 2020) the Volunteer Action Space (VOLAS) invited special guest speakers and held 3 special lectures (VOLASpecial). As a countermeasure against COVID-19, they were held online.

For the first lecture held on June 10, KINOSHITA Yoshihito (Executive Director at Kanagawa Development Education Centre and Lecturer at Tokai University Department of International Studies), who was a VOLAS Volunteer Coordinator until this March, was invited as guest lecturer. With Mr. Kinoshita as presenter, group discussions were held under the theme “What is volunteering? ~Reconsidering volunteering during the lockdown~”.

On June 19 for the second session, YOSHIJIMA Shouichi (responsible for the Public Awareness Project and the Refugee Higher Education Program at the UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR) talked about “Refugee Problems and What We Can Do About Them”, while discussing career paths related to International Cooperation Agencies and Japan’s response to the current situation of refugees.

For the third lecture held on June 25, ISHII Toru, graduate of TUFS School of International Area Studies and representative of the COVID-19 Multilingual Support Project, presented a talk on “What We Can Do as TUFS Students ~The COVID-19 Multilingual Support Project~” and gave more detail on the objectives and activities of the project.

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