Overseas Crisis Management Simulation Training held at TUFS

March 11, 2020

On February 28, 2020, an overseas crisis management simulation training session was held for TUFS executives, department heads and staff who work with overseas dispatch, student correspondence and public relations. This session aimed to both test the university’s crisis management system, and further improve the university’s capacity for crisis management on an organizational level. TUFS invited three instructors from Emergency Assistance Japan Co., Ltd. to run the session. After giving talks on a range of topics, including crisis management PR, a simulation was conducted in which a TUFS student got involved in a terrorism incident overseas, and the instructors trained participants in the appropriate measures to take in regards to initial responses, establishing a crisis management base, media correspondence and press conferences.

Whether it be exchange programs or fieldwork excursions, TUFS is a university that sends many students and faculty members overseas. Through holding this practical training session, TUFS was able to improve its organizational ability to take action in times of crisis, and reconfirm the importance of crisis management.