Filipino Young Diplomats Visit TUFS

November 28, 2019

On Thursday the 24th of October, a group of 23 young diplomats from the Philippines visited TUFS and participated in a class entitled “Language and Communication”. This group were invited to Japan as part of the Japan’s Friendship Ties program “JENESYS2019”, and visited TUFS with the goal of international understanding.

The class the group participated in was Professor OKADA Akito’s (Graduate School of Global Studies) “Language and Communication B”, which is a class of 50 regular and international students taught by Assistant Teacher Zhao Lida. The class began with a welcoming address from TUFS Vice President MATSUKUMA Jun, after which all the students split into groups and took turns introducing themselves. These speeches were given in English, and prompted many questions and comments from the visitors.

The visitors asking questions and giving advice to Filipino majors
The representative of the visiting group presenting a gift to Vice President Matsukuma
Group Photo