Ambassador of the Republic of Kosovo Visits President Hayashi

November 14, 2019

On Monday the 7th of October, His Excellency Mr. Leon Malazogu, the Ambassador of the Republic of Kosovo, visited TUFS and met with President HAYASHI Kayoko. Vice President IMAI Akio and Professor FUJINAWA Yasuhiro (Institute of Global Studies) also attended this meeting.

Japan is working together with the Republic of Kosovo, which celebrated its 10th anniversary of independence last year in 2018, to build a supportive relationship to assist with democratic reform and economic development. At the meeting, Ambassador Malazogu spoke high praises of TUFS, going as far as saying TUFS is a deeply meaningful institution in a world where societies are becoming closer to each other, as it promotes understanding of foreign languages, cultures and history through education.

Ambassador Malazogu aims to popularize Japanese language education in Kosovo and Albanian language education in Japan, and proposed faculty exchanges between TUFS and Kosovo. In addition to this, the ambassador proposed student-aimed programs such as internships for TUFS students at the Kosovo embassy and classes taught by staff from said embassy.

This meeting is expected to have strengthened relations between the Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo and TUFS.

President Hayashi and Ambassador Malazogu
(From left) Vice President Imai, President Hayashi, Ambassador Malazogu, Professor Fujinawa, Executive Assistant YONENUMA Shion