2017 JLC/International Exchange Student Graduation Ceremony held at TUFS

April 13, 2018

On Tuesday the 13th of March 2018, the 2017 Japanese Language Center for International Students and International Exchange Students Graduation Ceremony was held at AGORA Global’s Prometheus Hall.

The ceremony was attended by the JLC's 50 international MEXT Scholarship Undergraduate Students (studying since spring 2017), 5 MEXT Scholarship Research Students (studying since fall 2017), 5 students from the Japan-Korea Joint Science and Engineering Exchange Program (also studying since fall 2017), 5 MEXT Teacher Training Students (studying since fall 2016), 17 MEXT Scholarship Research Students, and 44 privately-funded Research Students.

After an opening address from TUFS Vice President Kayoko Hayashi, a congratulatory address was given by Shigeki Izumi, Chief of the MEXT Student & International Student Affairs Office, and TUFS alumna Dr. Setharin Penn. The student representatives of the MEXT Scholarship Undergraduate program and the MEXT Teacher Training program gave speeches in Japanese, expressing their gratitude towards the teachers at the center on behalf of their classmates from around the globe, and sharing the experiences in their time at TUFS that led them to the paths they have chosen to follow next. Following the ceremony, a farewell reception was held in the University Hall. The students sadly but cheerfully celebrated the bonds they made with friends and teachers at TUFS.