President of Ain Shams University Visits TUFS

March 29, 2018

On Thursday the 22nd of March, the President of Ain Shams University (Egypt), Prof. Dr. Abd El Wahab Ezzat, and Vice President of Ain Shams University, Prof. Dr. Abdelnasser Badawi Ibraim Singab, visited TUFS and met with President Tateishi.

Ain Shams University and TUFS signed a partnership agreement in 2003. Since then, both universities have been conducting reciprocal exchanges programs for 1-2 students each year.

The meeting was attended by TUFS Vice President Ms. Kayoko Hayashi, Mr. Sho Hagio (Chief of the International Management Office), visiting professor Mr. Alaaeldin Soliman (World Language and Society Centre, Arabic). Also in attendance were two students on exchange at TUFS from Ain Shams University.

In addition to confirming the continuation of exchanges between our universities, a short exchange program to deepen our relations was proposed by Ain Shams University.

Second from far-left: President Abd El Wahab, Second from far-right: Vice President Abdelnasser