TUFS Professor Presents at TAC FD Symposium

March 19, 2018

On Friday the 16th of March, a symposium on faculty development (FD) titled ‘The Possibility of Liberal Arts Education’ was held by the Tama Academic Consortium (TAC) at Tokyo Keizai University’s Kokubunji Campus.
The first event of the symposium, a keynote speech, was given by Professor Tatsuhiko Ito (International Christian University School of Liberal Arts Professor, former Dean of the School of Liberal Arts) to the topic of ‘New Thoughts on Liberal Arts: Towards University Education Reform’. In this speech, Professor Ito discussed how liberal arts education is becoming more and more important, and how universities must unite and cooperate with each other as a result of this.
The second event of the symposium was a panel discussion on the current situation of liberal arts education at each of the universities belonging to TAC, and also served as a platform to share and discuss the problems these universities are experiencing in relation to this. Professor Hiroyuki Yamaguchi (Institute of Global Studies, German literature and culture and representation studies) spoke on behalf of TUFS, and took to the podium during the panel discussion.
Following this, an information exchange meeting was held at which professors from each university exchanged information on the current state of, and the problems unfolding at their respective universities. Through this we were able to confirm that all involved universities wish to deepen their ties with TAC by cooperating more with one another.

The Tama Academic Consortium is composed of six universities: International Christian University, Kunitachi College of Music, Musashino Art University, Tokyo Keizai University, Tsuda University, and Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. In addition to establishing a credit interchange system and a shared library system, TAC has established four sectional meetings in which information concerning educational exchanges, libraries, public relations, and planning and coordination can be exchanged.

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