Community Interpreting Research Seminar Students Create a Guidebook for Foreigners Living in Fuchu City

January 29, 2024

On Friday, January 19, 2024, students of the Community Interpreting Research Seminar (advised by Professor Minoru Naito) in the School of Language and Culture Studies held a ZOOM session to report on the completion of the "Welcome to Fuchu City! Moving-in Procedure Guidebook" as part of their internship program.

The Community Interpreting Research Seminar has been working with Fuchu City and the Fuchu International Exchange Salon to produce a series of "Easy Living Guidebooks for Foreign Residents," covering such topics as disaster prevention, garbage disposal, entering high school, public facilities, finding an apartment, walking spots, and pregnancy/childbirth.

This year, the "Welcome to Fuchu City! Guidebook for Moving into Fuchu City” is being created. The guidebook will be distributed throughout the city in paper form and will also be made available online.

On the day of the debriefing session, after a presentation on the contents of the guidebook and the process of its creation, there was an opportunity to exchange opinions in a breakout session between the students in charge of the guidebook and participants, as well as volunteers and students from the Fuchu International Exchange Salon, and active discussions took place in each breakout room.