Spanish Dance Club Performs at Fuchu City Community Exchange Event

November 14, 2023

On Saturday, October 21, 2023, the TUFS Spanish Dance Club performed as part of its volunteer activities at the "Flamenco: Spanish Folk Dances of Passion and Sorrow" community exchange event held at the Fuchu Municipal Welfare Center for the Physically and Mentally Handicapped (Fuchu City Community Life Support Center Mi~na).

The event was attended by 38 people, including the elderly, people with disabilities, and families with small children, who enjoyed the powerful dance, song, and guitar performances of the Spanish Dance Club. The Spanish Dance Club involved the audience in the event by explaining the history of flamenco and explaining the jaleo (called out during the dance).

After the event, there was an exchange between the participants and the Spanish Dance Club members, and some participants said they wanted to go back and see the dance again at the Gaigosai Festival.