TUFS Student Participates in Model ASEAN Meeting Plus Japan 2023 and Receive Best Strategy Paper Award

November 14, 2023

Ms. Mao Shishido, a TUFS 4th year student of Southwest Europe/French, School of International and Area Studies, participated in "Model ASEAN Meeting Plus Japan 2023" held at the ASEAN Secretariat in Jakarta, Indonesia from November 6 (Mon.) to 9 (Thu.), 2023, as a representative of Japan. In addition to university students from 10 Southeast Asian countries, this year marked 50 years of friendship and cooperation between Japan and ASEAN, and for the first time Japanese students participated in the event. The 72 students, who were selected from more than 1,000 applications from ASEAN countries and Japan, gathered together and participated in the ASEAN Meeting Plus Japan 2023 (ASEAN Meeting Plus Japan 2023), a mock ASEAN Meeting Plus Japan 2023. Ms. Shishido participated in the discussions as the President of the Philippines and as a Minister of the ASEAN Political and Security Group.

In addition, Ms. Shishido received the Best Strategy Paper Award for the national strategy paper she wrote in her capacity as President and Minister of the Political and Security Group, leading her fellow Philippine team members. In the paper, Ms. Shishido analyzed the Philippines' national strategy and foreign policy and summarized the strategies that each group (Political and Security Group, Economic Group, and Social and Cultural Group) would use to negotiate with other countries in a simulated meeting.

Ms. Shishido's comments

The time spent in heated discussions surrounded by the most talented students from Southeast Asia and Japan was invaluable. I had the opportunity to speak not only with promising students, but also with ASEAN Ambassadors and diplomats from the ASEAN Delegation, and I learned a lot about diplomacy during these four days.

This program was fully-funded thanks to the ASEAN-Japan Center and the ASEAN Foundation, and I am grateful to all parties involved.