International Exchange Through Aikido Keiko with Bulgarian People

June 9, 2023

The members of the TUFS Aikido Club did keiko (practice) with Bulgarian Aikido practitioners and built good relationships with them.

On May 25th, Ivaylo Sensei and two other people from the Bulgarian Aikischool visited the TUFS dojo and practiced aikido with TUFS students. The following week, Hristo Sensei and his 10 students from the Bulgarian Aikido Federation joined keiko on June 1st.The TUFS Aikido Club members did their best to keep up with the high-level keiko with the Bulgarian groups, taught by Takanori Kuribayashi Sensei from the Aikikai Foundation Aikido Hombu Dojo.

The Bulgarian groups came to Japan to participate in the 60th All Japan Aikido Embukai at the Nippon Budokan on May 27th. In addition, five members of the TUFS Aikido Club took part in the Embukai and gave their Embu in front of a large audience.

Keiko at the TUFS dojo
TUFS Aikido Club members giving Embu at the 60th All Japan Aikido Embukai
Group Photo on May 25th
Group Photo on June 1st