TUFS Students Collect Warm Clothing for Ukraine

December 20, 2022

Seven TUFS students, who wanted to send warm clothes to Ukraine, collected unwanted warm clothing at the Volunteer Activity Space (VOLAS) on the second floor of the Research and Lecture Building from December 1 (Thu.) to 13 (Tue.), 2022.

This initiative was launched by Rio Katagai, a first-year master’s course student, who participated in The Volunteer Program for Ukraine sponsored by the Nippon Foundation Volunteer Center. After returning to Japan, Ms. Katagai participated in a project called, “Let's Deliver Warm Clothes to Ukraine - with the Wishes of Children and Youth,” organized by university students from all over Japan.

Many winter coats, parkas, sweaters, thick socks, and other winter clothes were collected on campus. These items will be delivered to Ukraine through the Student Charity for Ukraine and UAid Direct, an NPO in neighboring Poland that provides humanitarian assistance to Ukraine.

Ms. Rio Katagai’s comment

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who donated clothing despite the short time frame of the appeal. Since the invasion began in February of this year, Ukraine is facing its first winter. Forty percent of energy facilities have been destroyed and heaters are not working, causing severe problems. Although what Japan can do is limited, we hope to be of some small help to the people of Ukraine.