Ukraine Fair Organized by TUFS Students

July 12, 2022

On Friday, July 8, 2022, a Ukraine Fair was held organized mainly by TUFS students. This event was planned to introduce Ukrainian culture to the public in the hope of stirring their interest in Ukraine, and to give them an opportunity to think about the suffering of the people whose daily lives were suddenly taken away by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The fair was organized by TUFS student Rio Katagai (first-year student, Master's Program of the Graduate School of Global Studies), TUFS graduate Arisa Yamazaki (graduated this March), and TUFS part-time lecturer Yuko Suda, and implemented by a Ukraine Fair Committee of 10 Russian language students.

The fair featured a poster exhibition on the history of friendship between TUFS and Ukraine, a 7-meter long collage of a field of sunflowers, the national flower of Ukraine, made by cutting out and pasting sunflower illustrations on to large sheets of paper, food from the Ukrainian restaurant Babusya REY (in Kichijoji, Tokyo) operated by displaced Ukrainian citizens, and a performance of the Ukrainian national anthem by the students of the TUFS orchestra. Many people from inside and outside of TUFS came to the fair.

The poster exhibition will continue to be on display in the Research and Lecture Building until Friday, July 15.