Presentation on Summer Quarter Work Experience Course (Credit Exchange Internship) (Commentary Released)

October 26, 2021

(Updated 2021.11.02)

On Wednesday September 29, the final (post-course) presentation on the Global Liberal Arts Program’s Work Experience course, which has been offered four times, was held at TUFS. This course is a two- to four-week accredited work experience internship (with no direct relation to job hunting) aimed at first and second year students.

Last year, the course was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, a total of seven students—three first years and four second years—joined the program with a limited number of participating companies and work experience that mixed online and in-the-field activities. Although there seemed to be issues with the online activities, students were able to acquire knowledge and identify things they need to work on by interacting with older workers and third year students from other universities.

The students gave their 10-minute presentations with a newfound sense of confidence and maturity. We have been invited to the offices of companies that only provided online work. Summaries of the students' experiences will be available online at a later date via the Global Career Center website.

We would like to thank the companies that agreed to collaborate with us despite the pandemic. From next year onward, TUFS intends to work towards increasing the number of companies and students participating in this program.

Participating Companies/Institutions

IHI Corporation, JALPAK Co., Ltd, Hashimoto Sogyo Ltd., Pasona Group Inc., Japan External Trade Organization