TUFS Student Awarded Top Prize at GLC Student Guitar Competition

August 26, 2021

Ms. TAKADA Eri placed first in the 46th GLC Student Guitar Competition that took place in the Toyosu Civic Centre on August 17, 2021 (organized by GLC: Guitar Leaders Club). In addition to winning first place in the competition’s university student category, Ms. Takada also won the top prize of the entire competition—the GLC Prize.

Ms. Takada has also achieved outstanding results in other competitions, such as winning the 11th Bach International Guitar Contest.

Comments from the award recipient

I am extremely happy to have been awarded not only first place in the university student category but also the GLC Prize. I want to take this opportunity to thank all the people involved in making this event. I also want to thank all the people that supported me. Moving forward, I will keep working to improve my abilities and try my best to deliver a heartfelt performance.

Ms. Takada was interviewed back in April when she won a previous competition. Feel free to check the interview here.