TUFS students assist Fuchu in providing vaccinations for foreign residents

July 19, 2021

Fuchu city and the city’s multicultural coexistence facility “International Exchange Salon DIVE” are helping foreign residents to reserve their Covid-19 vaccinations. TUFS students and the facility staff have been providing information about the vaccines through LINE and other social platforms while also answering people’s inquiries, and a support desk has been set up to provide assistance in five languages (English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Indonesian).
Students will be helping during the five days for which vaccinations can be reserved, July 13, 14 and August 7, 14 and 24.

Comments from the students

YUKA Nakai (School of Language and Culture Studies/ Russian/ 4th Year)

When I was studying abroad, I was helped many times by the students there so I wanted to help people in these difficult times. Through this experience, I was able to learn about the concerns of the foreign residents first-hand. Their worries ranged from “I’m not confident enough to talk in Japanese over the phone” to “I don’t know what I should do on the day of vaccination”. I hope we can relieve their worries by providing language aid.

SUBARU Sekiya ( Fuchu International Salon Coordinator/ Graduated from the School of Language and Culture Studies in 2019)

We received a lot of help from TUFS students and alumni in organizing and supporting this event. Gathering information in a foreign country can be very worrisome. I have come to understand that being able to ask for information in the language of your choice and having people who understand your situation is a great relief. I want to thank TUFS for the support they have provided so far and will continue to provide in August.