TUFS students win 1st prize and special prize in the Czech Language Speech Contest

June 14, 2021

The 27th Czech Language Speech Contest was held on June, 5, 2021, at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Tokyo. TUFS students MATSUI Chisato (School of International and Area Studies, Central Europe Region, Czech 2nd year) and KANAZAWA Tsuzumi (School of International and Area Studies, Central Europe Region, Czech 2nd year) won the first and special prize respectively.

Comments from the winners

MATSUI Chisato (first prize)

“Is A.I. an ally or enemy to humanity?” was the topic of my speech. We do not have the chance to give long speeches during class so this was a very unique opportunity. I was able to learn new expressions and better my pronunciation thanks to this experience. I was impressed by the speeches of my TUFS peers and other Czech learners at the speech contest. I am extremely happy to have gotten first prize. I plan to continue working hard on my Czech language skills and make full use of what I have learned through this experience. I want to thank the people who organized the event and also all the people who helped me practice. Thank you.

KANAZAWA Tsuzumi (special prize)

For my speech, I talked about the time I went to a Czech cuisine restaurant with my Czech major friends. I am extremely happy to have gotten a prize. I learned many things through this contest and plan to use this experience as motivation to further my studies. I want to thank Ms. Daniela for coaching me over and over, all my Czech teachers for constantly educating me, and my family and friends for their endless support. Lastly, I would like to thank the organizers for providing us with a place to deliver our speeches even under the dire conditions we are currently facing—thank you.

Masks were taken off momentarily for the picture.