TUFS student wins National Russian Composition Contest

June 10, 2021

TUFS student Ms. KATAGAI Rio (School of Language and Culture Studies, Russian major, 4th year) won the 2021 National Russian Composition contest.

This contest is held to encourage Japanese learners of the Russian language while also deepening understanding of both Japanese and Russian cultures. This is the second time the contest wais held. Ms. KATAGAI won first place over 17 other competitors ranging from senior high school students to company employees.

Comments from the winner


I chose educational inequality as my topic for this Russian composition and wrote about how Japan and Russia can cooperate in order to resolve this issue. I was extremely careful with the wording, looking up all the words in the dictionary and making sure I was using them correctly while also checking for grammar mistakes. Although I was unable to go study abroad in Russia due to the pandemic, I am extremely happy to have been able to win this competition. I plan to continue working hard on my Russian.

Reference: Results of 2021 National Russian Composition Contest