TUFS Student Places Third at Mongolian Speech Contest

February 26, 2021

A Mongolian Speech Contest (organized by the School of Mongolian Study Nutag) was held online on February 21, 2021 (Sun) where Ms. Fukuda Mariko (School of International and Area Studies, Central Asia Area/Mongolian year 1) was placed in third place.

Comments from Ms. Fukuda

For this competition, I presented my speech “Ковид-ийн үед гадаад хэл сурах (Language Learning in the Covid Era)” and read a poem by Дашдоржийн Нацагдорж titled “Алс газар сурахаар явагч(Those who go far to study/International Students)”. I wrote this essay from the idea that I want to actively engage with language even when we are living difficult times. I read the poem “Алс газар сурахаар явагч” from my desire to eventually study abroad.

I am extremely pleased to have been able to get third place in this competition. I am also extremely grateful to the teachers from my major who welcomed us and guided us thoroughly under the new online system.

I also want to take this place to make some further acknowledgements. To my friends whose first language is Mongolian and helped me with the pronunciation, my fellow major friends who I’ve enjoyed learning the Mongolian language with, to all the seniors who gave me advice regarding Mongolian, to Ms. Ariuna from the School of Mongolian Study Nutag, and everyone involved in the making of the online speech contest− thank you.