TUFS Student Wins Session’s Best Presentation Award at 2nd International Conference on Agriculture, Food Security and Safety 2021

January 28, 2021

Dr. Teeba Mohammed, an Iraqi veterinarian and a TUFS graduate student (Joint Doctoral Program for Sustainability Research, 2 nd year), received the Session’s Best Presentation Award at the 2nd International Conference on Agriculture, Food Security and Safety 2021, held online from January 15th (Fri.) to 16th (Sat.), 2021. Dr. Mohammed’s presentation was titled “Food insecurities: The impact of UN sanctions on Iraq's food system”.

The Students’ Comments

Dr. Teeba Mohammed

One of the requirements to be fulfilled as a Ph.D. student is to present the research topic at an international conference. The idea was cumbersome in itself as I had to search for a conference that would fit my topic. I corresponded with many of them, and after receiving my first confirmation email, I submitted what was initially required for participation. This was my first time in an international conference, and I had no idea what to expect, especially since it was organized online due to the Corona pandemic. The conference included an amazing mix of presenters with various international and scientific backgrounds. I was called before my time, and it was surprising to me, but I did my best and finished precisely at the last-minute mark. My adherence to the conference rules, especially regarding the presentation time, and the confident manner of delivery were a catalyst for selecting the winners. But I didn't expect to win, even the secretary laughed when she saw my reaction when they announced my name.