Professor Emeritus Kawada Junzo Awarded Order of Culture

October 27, 2021

Professor Emeritus KAWADA Junzo, a cultural anthropologist, has been awarded the 2021 Order of Culture.

Professor Emeritus Kawada was appointed associate professor at ILCAA in 1976 and promoted to professor in 1984. He was appointed professor emeritus upon retirement in 1997.

Many of his joint research projects with ILCAA were published during his time at TUFS. He specialized in non-written communication and expanded oral tradition studies through his research of music and narrative.

The award ceremony will be held at the Imperial Palace on November 3.

Comments from University President HAYASHI Kayoko:

We have been notified that Professor Emeritus Kawada Junzo has been awarded the Order of Culture. Professor Kawada, congratulations!

Professor Kawada led ILCAA’s anthropology research and contributed greatly to research on the history of non-written society in Africa. The news of his award is extremely encouraging for us and an honor to TUFS.

I would like to express my most sincere congratulations and wish you all the best in your future activities.

Hayashi Kayoko

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies