Honorary Symposium Held to Commemorate the Donation of a Large Collection of Books on Indigenous Languages of North America to TUFS

May 17, 2021

Professor MIYAOKA Osahito, world-renowned linguist and former TUFS professor, has donated a vast collection of rare research books on Indigenous Languages of North America to our university. This “Miyaoka collection,” which will be made accessible to a wide range of researchers, will be managed by TUFS.

An honorary symposium titled “Exploring Japanese Morphology from Cross-Linguistic Perspectives” was held online on April 25, 2021, to commemorate the installation of the “Miyaoka Collection,” with Prof. Miyaoka as the keynote speaker. Prof. Miyaoka, who has recently expanded his research interests from Eskimo languages to Japanese grammar, presented on Japanese verbal morphology. This keynote address was followed by three more talks on relevant topics by Prof. EBATA Fuyuki from Niigata University, Prof. SHIMOJI Michinori from Kyushu University, and Prof. MINEGISHI Makoto from Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa, TUFS. About 230 participants from all over Japan and overseas attended this event.