ILCAA Publication Awarded 47th Dr. Kyosuke Kindaichi Memorial Award

November 14, 2019

Originally published as part of the Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa’s (ILCAA) “Linguistic Dynamics Science 3” project (LingDy3), SHIMOJI Michinori’s* “Minami Ryukyu Miyako go Irabujima Hougen” (2018, ILCAA/Kurosio Publishers) (“The Irabu Dialect, a Southern Ryukyuan Language”) has been published as the first volume of the “Descriptive Grammars Series”, for which it was subsequently awarded the 47th Dr. Kyosuke Kindaichi Memorial Award.
*SHIMOJI Michinori is an associate professor at Kyushu University, an ILCAA Joint Researcher and a former ILCAA research associate

This award aims to recognize outstanding research and achievements in the fields of language and culture, and has been awarded once a year by the Dr. Kyosuke Kindaichi Memorial Committee since 1973.

This is the second time a LingDy3 publication has won this award, with the first being KOGURA Norikazu’s (ILCAA Associate Professor) “A Study on the Modal System in Sibe” (2018, ILCAA/Kurosio Publishers), which was awarded the 46th Dr. Kyosuke Kindaichi Memorial Award in 2018.