TUFS Master’s Program Graduate Wins Oda Shigeru Award

July 5, 2019

TUFS is proud to announce that Mr. NEMOTO Hiromu (Research area: international law; Academic advisor: Professor MATSUKUMA Jun), who completed the TUFS Master’s Program in March 2019, was awarded the 6th Oda Shigeru Award, which was presented at the award ceremony held at Arcadia Ichigaya on Saturday the 8th of June. Mr. The paper awarded was titled “The Problem and the Perspective of Common European Asylum System”, and was submitted while Mr. Nemoto was still studying at TUFS.

This award was established by the Japan Society of International Law to promote research on international law, private international law, international politics and the history of diplomacy, with a particular focus on nurturing young researchers, and also to showcase the excellent papers within these fields.

More information on this award can be found below (JP).