TUFS Professor Fujinawa Yasuhiro Wins 16th Japanese Society for German Studies Award

June 13, 2019

TUFS professor FUJINAWA Yasuhiro (Institute of Global Studies, German Linguistics) won an award (in the German Article category) at the 16th Japanese Society for German Studies Conference, which he officially received at the Society’s Spring Research Meeting held at Gakushuin University on Saturday the 8th of June. Professor Fujinawa received this award for his paper titled "Licht und Schatten der kategorischen/thetischen Aussage: Kopula und Lokalisierungsverben im deutsch-japanischen Vergleich." (Linguistische Berichte, Sonderheft 24).

This award was created in 2002 with the goals of promoting German language and literature research, evaluating the outstanding research results of society members and making these results well-known to the public. There are four categories based on language and medium under which works are published; Monographs in Japanese, Monographs in German, Articles in Japanese and Articles in German.