[Message from TUFS President] At the start of the Summer Semester

July 13, 2023

Dear students,

I am afraid that your heads are dizzy with reports and exams in the unusually hot weather.However, once it is over, you will be able to start the summer term. On that note, I would like to make a few reports and announcements.

(1) Short Visit, Great Departure!

This summer, 295 students will depart for short visits to the following countries: USA 31, UK 29, Canada 25, Poland 25, Ireland 20, Turkey 20, Korea 18, Germany 15, Spain 14, New Zealand 13, Czech Republic 12, Mongolia 12, Austria 10, Kazakhstan 8, France 8, Taiwan 8, Switzerland 6, Italy 5, Portugal 5, Slovakia 3, Jordan 3, Colombia 2, Hong Kong 2, and Cuba 1. Please, have a meaningful and enjoyable time. However, the world is full of danger. You have to protect yourself. Please keep in close contact with the TUFS Student Mobility Center (TOBITA Center), and please come back in good health.

(2) Buddies, we are looking for you!

Meanwhile, 192 international students from abroad will soon return home after completing their exchange period. Please see them off as friends. In September, about 200 exchange students will be coming to Japan for the next term. It seems a world apart when you remember that there was a time during the COVID-19 pandemic when there were no exchange students at all. We are now recruiting buddies for the new exchange students. Please feel free to apply. If you are not sure what a "buddy" is, please come to the information session!


(3) Recommended summer semester courses

The registration period for summer semester courses ends this Friday, and I have two recommendations for you.

(i) Global Society and Local Society 1: “Development and Sustainable Development Goals”

The lecturer is Dr. Hasibullah Mowahed, who evacuated his family from the chaos of Afghanistan and came to TUFS last year. We are looking forward to hearing more from him in addition to the lecture.


The other is,

(ii) Global Society and Local Society 1: “International Standardization (Rulemaking): a Key to Japan’s Future (special course in collaboration with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Business World)”

This class is offered together with Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo Gakugei University, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, and the University of Electro-Communications. The lecturers will be from other universities as well as from government ministries and various industries. This is a special opportunity, so please come!


(4) What will change during the summer semester, Part 1

During the summer semester, the equipment at the Information Collaboration Center will be replaced, something that we do once every five years. The major change that concerns you is the removal of desktop computers from the AV Library and classrooms 205 and 206. If you wish to use shared computers on campus, please continue to use rooms 216 and 217 or the library.

(5) Changes during the summer term, Part 2

The TUFS Student Mobility Center (TOBITA Center) will move to the 2nd floor of the Research and Lecture Building. This is where the AV Library is now located. I think you will be able to consult with us more easily than before. Although the current AV Library will be closed, the World DVDs section in the AV Library will continue to be available. The DVDs will be available for viewing after you complete application procedures at the Mrltimedia and Computer-Aided Education Support Center Help Desk.

(6) University office hours during summer vacation period

The Educational Affairs Division, Student Affairs Division, International Student Division, and other such offices will be closed from August 10 (Thu.) to 20 (Sun.). The library will also be closed during this period except for Aug 17 (Thu.) and August 18 (Fri.) when it will be open from 9:00 to 17:00. Please make sure to check open hours before you go.

(7) Organic fluorine compounds in water supply (PFAS)

As you may have heard in the press, high concentrations of organo-fluorine compounds (PFAS), which are considered problematic, have been detected in well water in the Tama area of Tokyo. Some universities in the Tama area have been using well water and are taking measures to deal with the situation, but our Fuchu campus uses tap water, so we are not directly affected. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has announced that it will no longer take water from some wells and is managing water quality so that it will be below the provisional target set in 2020. As a result, there is no problem with Tokyo's tap water at this time. The University will continue to monitor the situation closely.

That's all for now. Soon, the long summer semester will begin when you can have some time to yourself. Please have a fun, safe and meaningful time in Japan and around the world, and keep your eyes on the future.

President, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Kayoko Hayashi