[Message from TUFS President] At the start of the spring semester

April 3, 2023

Spring has come earlier than usual, and the campus is already covered in fresh greenery. We hope that all of you new students, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year students are feeling fresh and new at the beginning of a new semester. Here are seven announcements at the beginning of the new semester.

1. Change in the use of classrooms

Senior students may feel confused by the change in the familiar sight of Classroom 101. From this year, Room 101 will be used for relatively large face-to-face classes, and Room 227 will continue to be available with partitions for Zoom classes. Room 115 does not have partitions, but will always be used for Zoom classes. Of course, the TUFS BOX, other available classrooms and computer rooms will be available for use as well. The overall percentage of online classes for the spring semester is 14%. We understand that there will be cases where it is unavoidable for you to take Zoom classes on campus, but we hope that you will make good use of the space available.

2. Masks are left to the discretion of each student

Over the past three years, we have become accustomed to wearing masks, but students, faculty, and staff wearing a mask or not depends on their decision from now on. Please respect each other's decision.

3. Eating and drinking in large groups on and off campus

There have also been various restrictions for the past three years, but they have been lifted. However, be aware that the drinking age is 20 years old! Please continue to pay attention to infection control measures.

4. 100 yen breakfast will start on Monday, April 10!

The regular 100 yen breakfast supported by Tokyo Gaigokai (TUFS alumni association) will continue this year (100 servings daily). Tuesday is curry day and Friday is rice bowl (!) day. Please get up early and get them!

5. About ChatGPT and other hot topics

ChatGPT, a chatbot, has got a big reaction among many users since its release in November last year. While it is extremely useful, I am sure that you know that you should not have ChatGPT write your class reports for you. So, how should (or should not) we use it? To be honest, we have not found the answer yet. The university as a whole is considering it, and there are various social movements, but for the spring semester, instructions will be given on a class-by-class basis. Some classes may use it effectively, and some classes may prohibit it. At first glance, this may appear to be inconsistent, but it is a new technology, so please be patient for the time being. Please understand and follow the instructions given to you by your instructor.

Note: TUFS has released the Guidelines for Instructors Regarding AI in University Education at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. Please refert to these as well.

6. The Boat Race will be held on Saturday, May 27

After two cancellations, the Boat Race, which was held with trepidation last year, will be held on Saturday, May 27 this year with the cooperation of the Rowing Club (boat club) and its alumni association, Teiyukai. We expect mainly first-year students to participate. We are looking forward to a fun day.

7. Water server has been placed

Following the suggestion of the student circle "TUFS Energy" and the "Chatting Party" organized by TUFS Academic Support Center, water servers have been installed at two locations in the Galleria. This initiative aims to reduce plastic bottles, which are the source of plastic waste. Please bring your own bottles and use them.


That is all. Please get a good night's sleep in preparation for the start of classes next week!

President of TUFS