[Message from TUFS President] To all students as the fall semester comes to an end

January 25, 2023

On Friday, January 27, classes for the fall semester will end. It must have been a memorable semester, including the GIGOSAI Festival, which took place almost in its pre-COVID-19 form. You may still be busy with exams, reports, AL assignments, etc., but once those are over, you will have quite a bit of free time until April. Please make the most of it. Today, I would like to make eight announcements.

(1) Graduation Ceremony

To those of you who are scheduled to graduate or complete your studies, congratulations on successfully submitting your graduation theses and master's theses. Thinking about it now that it is over, don't you think that you have spent many years working toward this? Please continue to ask the remaining questions as you move forward on your new paths. The Graduation Ceremony, which will send you all off, will be held on Friday, March 24, as already announced, in Prometheus Hall, in three sessions, for undergraduate and graduate schools. Parents and guardians are welcome to attend, and we are truly looking forward to having all of you together for the first time in three years.


(2) Class Schedule for the coming academic year

To all current students, the class schedule and syllabus for the 2023 academic year will be announced around Mid-February. We will continue to offer some classes that are suitable for online, but there will be more face-to-face classes than this year. However, since some classes will be online, we will continue to have classrooms dedicated for Zoom. You may have been a bit surprised in January when we took away the partitions in 101 and 227, but this was unavoidable due to entrance exams. Next semester, only room 227 will have partitions. If you need to speak or want to have a private space, please use Room 227 or TUFS Box. In addition, classroom 115 will be used exclusively for Zoom (without partitions).

(3) Hot and Cold in Galleria

We are worried when we see people studying in the Galleria in the cold during this season. Please use the group study spaces on the 4th and 5th floors, the library, and available classrooms. The Galleria is not air-conditioned due to the structure of the building. By design, the atrium is like an outdoor space (tears). To avoid catching a cold, please evacuate (!) indoors.

(4) Please fill out the survey!

Have you submitted the "How was your fall semester?” survey? The information you write in this form will be shared with the faculty members and us in the university executive office. Thank you for your cooperation.


(5) Short visit in the winter term

In the winter term, 289 students will be leaving for short visits. Please take care and have a safe trip. Also, please keep in touch with the Student Exchange Division. However, the situation in the world remains difficult, and there are still many countries that we cannot visit even if we wanted to. We hope that you will see the world in the midst of crisis with your own eyes.

(6) Physical and mental discomfort

We are getting used to the COVID-19, but we still feel uneasy. If you feel any discomfort in your body or mind, take a good rest. If you still continue to feel unwell, please rely on those around you. The TUFS Kokoro-Hotline, a counseling service provided by an external organization exclusively for TUFS students, is available even during evenings and holidays when the Student Counseling Center is closed. Please do not hesitate to use this service if you are feeling troubled.

(7) Athletic fields are being upgraded to artificial turf

The university is raising funds to convert the athletic fields to artificial turf. We are all happy to see the success of the university's athletic clubs. Artificial turf will support their success. We also hope that once the artificial turf is in place, we will be able to offer various opportunities for non-athletic club members to make use of the playing field. The act of donation may not be familiar to you yet, but we would like you to know that the university is asking all alumni and parents to make donations.

(8) "Integration Report 2022" has been published.

The university as a place is tasked with education, research, and social contribution. The "Integrated Report 2022" which presents the overall picture, structure, and financial situation of the university, is now available. You can also hear the voices of the administrative organizations that support the university. Please take a moment to read it.


(only in Japanese)

That is all for now. Please be well in this cold weather.

President of TUFS