[Message from the President] Dear new students

April 6, 2022

Dear new students

TOEIC test, orientation by the schools, medical checkup, welcome events for new students, entrance ceremony, orientation by major languages, and round-table talk by seniors, course registration.......You must have been busy since start of April. And tomorrow is the first day of classes. I know it is a lot of work, but if you carefully read the notices posted on the TUFS website and the Education Information System called "GAKUMU Information System" one by one, you will be fine. Please take it easy, stay calm, and move forward step by step.

We have already announced this here and there, but we would like to summarize the most important points.

(1) “GAKUMU Information System" and receiving ZOOM Information

You probably know by now, but please read this page carefully.


Please note that if you enter the wrong password 10 times at the “GAKUMU Information System", your account gets locked. In that case, please contact to the academic affairs office. Please manage your password carefully.

However, information on the links to online classes is posted in the "Notice" column of the classes you have registered for, so please register once, even if you are taking trial classes.

Please note that many things may happen at the beginning of the semester, such as change of class schedule, change of classrooms, and so on. Please pay special attention to announcements from the Educational Affairs Division.

(2) When taking online classes on campus

When taking online classes using ZOOM on campus due to the time schedule, please use Rooms 101 and 227 in the Research and Lecture Building (ZOOM-only classrooms). When there are not used for classes, 102, 103, 107, 108, 109, 113, 114, and 115 are also available. In addition, five rooms on the second floor of the Research and Lecture Building and desktop computers in the library are also available for use. Access instructions are posted in each classroom.

In addition, the "TUFBox" (private study space) on the 1st floor of the Research and Lecture Building will be available from tomorrow. Please make use of this space for classes that may involve speech.

The important point is that in other places, you can connect to the Internet but not to ZOOM. This is the way it is set up for certain reasons. Please be aware of this.

If the Wi-Fi is busy, the Internet connection may slow down or even stop. Please check the monitors when entering the Research and Lecture Building and use any available room.

(3) Countermeasures against new corona infection

1) First, take care of yourself. Please check your body temperature once a day using the thermos sensor at the entrance of the Research and Lecture Building. If you feel unwell, please do not come to school and stay at home. In addition to being tested positive, please contact us from the following link if you become a close contact with an infected person or if you feel unwell. We will inform you of the necessary procedures regarding absence from classes, etc.


2) We strongly recommend a third vaccination. New students may be vaccinated outside of the local municipality in the area where they have their resident registration.

  • University of Tokyo venues
  • Student vaccination sites in Tokyo
  • Tokyo Institute of Technology, etc.

We will soon be conducting a survey regarding the Tokyo Institute of Technology venues. If you have received your vaccination voucher, please make an appointment for vaccination at your earliest convenience.

3) Please exercise due caution when conducting circle activities. It has been reported that eating and drinking after circle activities are more likely to cause the spread of infection than the circle activities themselves. As we have warned your seniors, in order to maintain circle activities, please refrain from eating and drinking recklessly for a long time and in large groups.

(4) Counseling Service

We understand that there will be many confusing moments upon entering the university. You may feel lost in your courses, have physical problems, encounter strange solicitation, and so on. If you experience any of these issues, please do not hesitate to contact our staff or professors who you are already in contact. We will then guide you to the appropriate support center.

By the way, I would like to make one thing clear: regardless of the age of adulthood, the university has always and will always treat all college students as "adults”. There will be times when you will be careless, a little lenient, or even tempted to give up on everything, but the consequences will be on you. This includes the "cheating" that we warned you about at orientation yesterday. Please act freely, but responsibly, and enjoy a meaningful university life.


President, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

Kayoko Hayashi