[Message from the President] Before the Fall quarter starts

September 13, 2021

As the summer quarter is coming to an end, we hope your summer was happy and fruitful. The fall quarter will start in half month. Three points we would like to note before the new quarter starts.

1. Classes

Same as the spring quarter, fall quarter classes will be a mixture of in-person and online. As you may have experienced difficulties last semester, we recommend you combine the in-person classes and online classes appropriately when fixing your class schedule. The course registration will be held as follows:

https://www.tufs.ac.jp/student/NEWS/education/20210826_kiroku1.html (in Japanese)

2. Infection control measures

It is good to hear that Tokyo is now seeing a decrease in the number of new infections. However, needless to say, we shall not be off our guards, yet. While many of you had taken the vaccinations at TUFS or Tokyo Institute of Technology venues, there may still be students unable to receive the vaccination. As we have explained before, please consider taking the vaccinations at venues such as the Tokyo Vaccination center for University students and faculty.

https://www.fukushihoken.metro.tokyo.lg.jp/iryo/kansen/coronavaccine/univ.html (in Japanese)

At TUFS, we are now considering distributing the antigen test kits to those who did not take the vaccination due to health reasons who also wish for it. Where and on what conditions it will be distributed will be announced at later date.

3. Events during Fall Quarter

Regarding the annual TUFS Festival, the biggest event of TUFS scheduled during the Fall quarter, the Gaigosai Committee has just announced today that they will cancel all RYOURITEN [freshmen’s world food stalls] this year.


It is a real pity for us as well, but considering the risk of many people eating and drinking together, we believe there was no other choice. We support the decision of the Gaigosai committee and ask for the understanding of all students. The university will support in any way possible to provide our freshmen an opportunity to make use of their language and major studies in alternative activities. Despite the difficulties, we wish the 99th TUFS Festival would be a memorable one.


We look forward to meeting you in October

President, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Kayoko Hayashi