[Message from the President] Before the summer semester

July 13, 2021

To all TUFS students,

Classes for the spring quarter end tomorrow. 65% of the classes were held on-campus, however, large classes were held online so many of you may have found more than half your classes were online. We tried to improve on-campus internet connection, but things did not go as planned due to a worldwide semiconductor shortage for which I am very sorry. I am praying for this shortage to end soon while we keep working on improving TUFS’ network connections. With the summer quarter right around the corner, there are three things I would like to ask to you.

(1) Please fill the questionnaire below.

I would like to gather your thoughts on the spring quarter. Please answer the questionnaire below apart from the in-class one. (Do not forget to answer the in-class ones too!)


(2) About circle activities during the summer quarter

All circle activities were suspended up until now. However, given that we now have a better understating of what needs to be scientifically done in order to prevent infection, we will allow circle activities to resume for those who wish to from July 27. We will ask you to hand in a written statement of your planned activities so be sure to check for messages from the student’s affair division. Due to our electricity facilities’ inspection, summer vacation and on-campus vaccination, we will ask you to suspend activities at August 3, and from August 7- August 18.

I am sorry to make this announcement after many of you may have already made up your plans regarding circle activities for the summer quarter. For those who wish to resume activities, please discuss anti COVID measures and hand in your written activity plan.

(3) About the fall quarter

Given that the pandemic is unlikely to go away by the time the fall quarter begins, classes for the fall quarter will be held online and on-campus. Registration period will be as stated below. Much like the spring quarter, foreign language classes as well as on-campus classes may close registration after the first registration period so be careful to check for announcements from the education’s affair division.

First registration period:
September 24 (Friday) 10:00 AM - September 27 (Monday) 14:00 PM

Second registration period:
September 29 (Wednesday) 10:00 AM - October 7 (Thursday) 17:00 PM


Typically, the summer quarter was the time for short-term study abroad experiences. It was a “tradition”. However, this tradition has been impossible to realize two years in a row. I think the preservation of certain tradition is a huge issue we face in this COVID era. I am aware that many of you have discussed our institution’s biggest tradition— Gaigosai. We hope to support you in whatever is the outcome of your discussion. In order to be able to do so, I hope you take scientifically proven anti COVID measures (we will also get vaccinated) and act accordingly.

Please, be safe and enjoy our long summer quarter.


President, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies