Regarding Summer Season Closure

August 6, 2020

TUFS will be closed from Saturday, August 8 to Sunday, August 16, 2020, for the purpose of preventing the spread of COVID-19 and to work towards a low carbon society, as well as to promote energy conservation measures to reduce global warming.

Accordingly, we will be restricting access to buildings and closing offices during this period. We ask for your understanding and cooperation.

1) Academic Affairs Office to be Closed

Considering the spread of COVID-19, in principle, the Academic Affairs Office is currently closed. Please note that due to the summer closure, telephone and email services, as well as the issuance of certificates (including automatic machines) will also be suspended.

Affected period: Saturday, August 8 - Sunday, August 16

*Certificates are issued and shipped in 3 business days for Japanese documents and 7 business days for English and teaching related documents from the day after the application is received.

*Please consider that it takes 7 to 10 business days to issue certificates that the Student Exchange Division is in charge of (student visa, exchange student, and research student related certificates).

2) Restricted Access to Buildings

Restricted entry date and time period:

Non-Faculty/Staff: Friday, August 7, 18:00 - Monday, August 17, 7:30
Faculty/Staff: Wednesday, August 12 - Sunday, August 16

Affected Buildings: Buildings on the Fuchu Campus (excluding TUFS International Residence)

Faculty and staff are not allowed to unlock the entrances and exits of the building using their campus card. In the case of an emergency, please explain your situation to the Security Office on the first floor of the Administration Building, fill out the necessary paperwork, and have a guard accompany you to unlock and enter the building.

*There will be no power outage at the Fuchu Campus on Saturday, August 8 due to the regular inspection of high-voltage power receiving equipment (excluding the TUFS International Residency). Please unplug computers, TVs, photocopiers, refrigerators and other electrical devices before the blackout and dispose of food and drinks in refrigerators in advance. Please note that from Sunday, August 9 – Tuesday, August 11, faculty and staff with campus cards will be able to enter buildings, but students (including graduate students) will not.

3) Student Support Facilities to be Closed

The following Student Support Facilities will be closed from Friday, August 7, 18:00 - Monday, August 17, 8:30.

· Health Care Center
· Student Counseling Room
· Global Career Center
· Academic Support Center
· Volunteer Activity Space (VOLAS)

4) Library to be Closed

The Library will be closed during the following period.

Closed: Saturday, August 8 – Sunday, August 16

*As the automatic door will not be operating, the return post will not be available from Friday 7, 17:00 - Monday 17, 9:00.

Please note that lending, borrowing and photocopying requests made through My Library during the above period will be processed after Monday, August 17.

For books that were due on Tuesday, August 11 at the time of checkout will be changed to Friday, August 21.

5) Regarding TUFS University Co-op Stores

TUFS Co-op stores will be temporarily closed during the following period.

Closed: Monday, July 20 - Sunday, August 30.

Please note that operating hours will remain shortened for the second half of the summer quarter from August 31 - September 30.

· Store “HotchPotch”: 11:30 - 13:30 (closed on weekends and holidays)
· 1F Cafeteria "Meal": 11:30 -13:30 (closed on weekends and holidays)
· Co-op Headquarters: 11:30 -13:30 (closed on weekends and holidays)
· 2F Cafeteria "Sabouru": closed until September 30.

6) Urgent Inquiries and Contact Information

During the summer closure, our offices and phone receptions will be closed.

In the case of an emergency, please use the following details.

Current students, faculty and staff who have contracted COVID-19: (in preparation) Others:Administration Office 042-330-5419